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Could Be Basis For New Understanding of Space-Time Geometry, Thus Opening Door to Interstellar Travel

Chongqing, Peoples Republic of China (eMOTION! The following statement was issued by Chongqing University Astrophysicist Dr. Andrew W. Beckwith in response to the recent announcements concerning possible discovery of the Higgs-Boson, commonly known as the “God particle”.   

“As a professional physics researcher, I congratulate CERN in its invaluable dedication to the solution of the Higgs-boson problem. This note will not be to scold the CERN researchers but to outline the very hard work ahead as to a solution of the TOTAL Higgs-boson problem, which needs to be carried through in an organized manner.

"First of all, I will review the history of the Higgs mechanism for spontaneous symmetry breaking and what is known as to outline as to the formation of mass problem in the electro weak case: In doing this line of inquiry, we look at the additional fourth order term added to form a modified Lagrangian term.

"This is spontaneous symmetry breaking. It happens all the time in physics.”

Note: Go to full analysis for Lagrangian computations 1-9:  

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May Not Be Higgs

Beckwith says that while this discovery may not be elusive Higgs Boson, it is most certainly a close cousin.    “The basis for symmetry breaking involves a true versus a false vacuum, in physics: Very difficult to duplicate conditions for such arising in CERN.

"Getting mass formed this way, for the Higgs formation, is a fantastic feat when seconds are involved. By necessity, considering the seconds involved, plus the fantastic heat involved will mean that imprecision will be rampant. Saying that one has a particular MASS for the Higgs, considering the time duration, seconds or less, and also the heat values involved will require decades of work. Note that Higgs himself derived these sorts of procedures and extended it to a Higgs-boson 50 years ago and to this day he is overwhelmed by the attention given to this construct when he was a very young Graduate student. And note the ratio values obtained by computation 4 will be part of the experimental considerations of the Higgs, in terms of a true vacuum.

"What my colleagues and others have done analytically as support researchers has been to super-impose a certain subset of results 15 days ago with the announcement of the Higgs discovery, just recently. As submitted by the Author of this discussion, the real physics begins with the #4 Lagrangian computation as a ratio expression, and then the mass as shown in computation 9.”

Dr. Beckwith is very clear in understanding the significance of the work at CERN.   "I and my colleagues congratulate CERN on a magnificent technical achievement, as beginning to delve into the formation of mass. We submit though, especially in lieu of the fact that the difference between the false and true vacuum results comes about due to for the true vacuum as a ratio result, that CERN has BEGUN to work developing a fantastic achievement in future astro-particle physics . We do wish to point to the fact that the authors 15 days ago in a re-release of data presented last year at
science conferences in Philadelphia and San Marino, North Italy, gave evidence of where to go, and that this should be part of the general record."

An enabler of Interstellar Travel?

“We are now at a cusp of human history,” notes Beckwith, “equivalent to the discovery of fire, hundreds of thousands of years ago, and for a very unexpected reason. For the first time in human history, we are at the point where an analysis of false to true vacuum transitions, the entire nexus of symmetry breaking and the formation of mass in the early universe is enabling scientists and technologists the foundations of space time geometry. This could lead to within 50 years to developing appropriate technology for star travel and to genuine space ship ventures to the neighboring solar systems. At stake is to understand what approach closer to the idea of an interstellar ram jet, similar to the Bussard  with tweaking will work.

“In order for a Bussard Ramjet to really work, it would require a fundamental improvement upon what is called the CNO cycle (for carbon–nitrogen–oxygen) as one of two sets of fusion reactions by which stars convert hydrogen to helium, the other being the proton–proton chain. I.e. an even bigger release of energy would be required. The good news is that the Boson discovery will permit investigations as to what would be optimal conditions as to a release of fusion energy, in a way not conceived of by the Bussard 1960 proposal.

“Appropriate understanding of interstellar matter,” says Beckwith, “and how to extract energy from it, will be the real legacy of this Boson finding, and will allow for travel to close by star systems, and a release from our present ecological limits on Earth.”

Breakthrough May Be Larger, Much Larger, Than Higgs

 We view what CERN has done is essential to understand optimal conditions for fusion, for understanding initial space-time geometry and a priceless example of how big science can, in its best moments, do what incremental technological improvements cannot possibly do.”

Due to the significance of an appropriate grasp of foundational space-time geometry, both Dr. Beckwith and his research colleagues implore the CERN scientists to “Take whatever time they need, no matter the pressure to which they are currently being subjected, to understand what this Boson finding is telling us. This is the most exciting finding we both have heard for decades, and we hope it is a portent to future research and development along the lines so mentioned.”
Paying homage to the immensely popular interstellar game saga "Mass Effect", Beckwith wryly notes. "Shepherd should get his gear."

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