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HIGGS-BOSON? Dr. Andrew Beckwith, in Collaboration with Research Analyst Myron D. Stokes: Summary of The Importance of the Higgs Research Results by the CERN Scientists and Why the Problem is Much Harder to Fully Master Than What People Think; i.e., Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking For a Particle Lasting 10 to the Minus Six Power Seconds, or Less

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Statement from  Chongqing University Astrophysicist Dr. Andrew Beckwith on the recent CERN Laboratories announcement concerning the possible discovery of the HIGGS-BOSON subatomic particle commonly known as the "God Particle"...

Chongqing, Peoples Republic of China - "As a professional physics researcher, I, Andrew Beckwith, congratulate CERN on its invaluable dedication to the solution of the Higgs-boson problem. This note will not be to scold the CERN researchers but to outline the very hard work ahead as to a solution of the TOTAL Higgs-boson problem, which needs to be carried through in an organized manner.

"First of all, I will review the history of the Higgs mechanism for spontaneous symmetry breaking and what is known as to outline as to the formation of mass problem in the electro weak case: In doing this line of inquiry, we look at the additional fourth order term added to form a modified Lagrangian term:

Go to full analysis for Lagrangian computations 1-9:

"This is spontaneous symmetry breaking. It happens all the time in physics.

The basis for symmetry breaking involves a true versus a false vacuum, in physics: Very difficult to duplicate conditions for such arising in CERN.

"Getting mass formed this way, for the Higgs formation is a fantastic feat when seconds are involved. By necessity, considering the seconds involved, plus the fantastic heat involved will mean that imprecision will be rampant. Saying that one has a particular MASS for the Higgs, considering the time duration, seconds or less, and also the heat values involved will require decades of work. Note that Higgs himself derived these sorts of procedures and extended it to a Higgs-boson 50 years ago and to this day he is overwhelmed by the attention given to this construct when he was a very young Graduate student. And note the ratio values obtained by (4) will be part of the experimental considerations of the Higgs, in terms of a true vacuum.

"What Myron Stokes and others have done has been to super impose a certain subset of results 10 days ago with the announcement of the Higgs discovery, just recently. As submitted by the Author of this discussion, the real physics begins with (4) above as a ratio expression, and then the mass, as in (9)

"Both Myron and I congratulate CERN on a magnificent technical achievement, as to beginning to delve into the formation of mass, as given by (9). We submit though, especially in lieu of the fact that the difference between the false and true vacuum results comes about due to (4) for the true vacuum as a ratio result, that CERN has BEGUN to work developing a fantastic achievement in future astro-particle physics . We do wish to point though to the fact that the authors 10 days ago, gave evidence of where to go, and that this should be part of the general record."

Andrew Beckwith, Myron D. Stokes – 4 July, 2012

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Publisher's note:  It is entirely appropriate to view the universe and all its content as a computer program launched over 13 billion years ago with core elements responsible for galactic expanse, planetary systems formation and life itself still running.  Dr. Beckwith is right: Even if CERN researchers have not found the elusive Higgs, they have nevertheless broadened our understanding of universal mechanics exponentially. 

 - Myron D. Stokes

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