Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boeing Long Beach Layoffs Looming, Global HeavyLift Pushes 120+ C-17s in 2012-2020 DoD Budgets Via "Transformational Recapitalization"

Firm Remains Convinced Funding Methodology Will Forever Change DoD Acquisition, Production and Congressional Approval Processes, While Restoring Financial Equilibrium; China's Rise as Military and Economic Power -Exemplified by J-20 Gen5 Stealth Fighter Taxi/Flight Tests and Now Operational Aircraft Carrier Shi Lang - Renders Current Austerity Policies Profoundly Unwise

Chinese Carrier Shi-Lang at Dalian Yards.This 67,500 Ton Kuznetsov-class Vessel, Originally the Ukraine's Varyag, is Operational Now (as reported by ER in November 2010) According to Our Intelligence Sources, Not 2015 as recently reported - Image: PLAN

Chicago, IL January 21, 2011 (PressReleasePoint) -- In another addendum to its July 17, 2010, September 02, June 25, May 31, 2009 and 2007/2006 press releases among others, Global HeavyLift Holdings, a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) listed ( entity with principal offices in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is clearly indicating that continued C-17 production, now being scaled back by Boeing, is inextricably linked to its business strategies. Principals also believe funding for this superlative airlifter is not the issue; rather, it’s the process.

Indispensable: Boeing's C-17 Globemaster III, an Aircraft Core to Global HeavyLift Strategies for
 a US/NATO-controlled Heavy and Outsized Air Cargo Industry       Image: Boeing
“Budgetary constraints, with due respect, exist only in the minds of those in the public and private sector who are at best disingenuous in their claims of continuing attempts to rein in spending. A true and viable solution exists that will forever change Department of Defense acquisition processes, and it’s designated Transformational Recapitalization,” says Myron D. Stokes, Managing Member.

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