Friday, October 15, 2010

eMOTION! Publisher's Response to ChinaDaily Analysis "SAIC Says Likely to Participate in GM IPO"

Delivery of Buick to Chinese Customer  Image: GM


Until China ceases its prosecution of provable economic war against the United States, as confirmed by the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission ( 2009 Report to Congress( and an unprecedented military build-up with the intent to challenge, if not usurp, the US/UK as the premier global power (stated with specificity by the US Department of Defense Annual Report to Congress ( ) GM leadership and its current owner, the United States government, are ill-advised to permit any further transfer of manufacturing processes and other sensitive technologies to still-communist China. Technology, it cannot be argued, that is being used to greatly enhance its own defense industrial base in the manner of DARPA.

"Moreover, recommendations are being made that the SEC delay the IPO for at least a year, and that CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) is further empowered to prevent SAIC or any other Beijing-controlled entity from GM IPO participation in the interests of national security.

"The following analysis "GM's Transition to China" goes into great depth relative to China's aspirations, motivations and the profound changes it still needs to make --particularly in the human rights arena which includes acknowledgement of a Mao-ordered mass murder of old and infirm Chinese citizens of historically unprecedented magnitude in 1949 -- in order to gain the perception, if not reality, of "normalcy" it so desperately seeks through any means, covert or overt, necessary. (  )

"Whether those individuals, corporations and policy makers who have allowed themselves to become blinded by the economic potential that China represents -- and is demonstrating -- want to believe it or not, armed conflict with the world's oldest continuing civilization is on the near horizon; an emergent reality brought into sharp focus via the "Industrial Base" analysis contained within the recently released "Project on National Security Reform Vision Working Group Report and Scenarios". (

"While we applaud the observable results of China's second "Great Leap Forward" we are mindful of the words a colleague once wisely uttered: "Embrace globalization... just don't let it kill you."

Myron D. Stokes