Thursday, June 3, 2010

Indian Air Force (IAF) Pending Order For 10 Boeing C-17s Not at Risk as Suggested: US DoD Actions Imply Non-Boeing Future

UPDATE 6/01/10: The US Congress Has Approved the Sale of 10+ Boeing C-17s to India

Bloomfield Hills, MI, May 28, 2010 (PressReleasePoint-- UPDATE) -- Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC, a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA entity based in Michigan, believes it is appropriate to address, yet again, the continuing attacks, misstatements and outright analytical/factual errors carried by multiple media outlets globally against Boeing C-17. These are largely based on comments by Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert Gates, elements of the USAF, and others demanding an end to its production.

The drumbeat of anti-C-17 commentary in US, European, Indian, Pakistani and other global news mediums; a strike at Boeing Long Beach by union workers and the observably large leap in logic suggesting the Globemaster III will be terminated as a result, appear to be part of a well coordinated effort -- again -- to render as self-fulfilling prophecy SECDEF Gates' unfounded insistence on ending production of the world's most successful strategic/tactical airlifter